Hello everybody. My name is Christina and I’m 21 years old!(GREECE) My favourite singer is Mrs CHRISTINA AGUILERA and I think the reason is OBVIOUS...She's got one of the BEST voices on this earth and she is the sexiest woman I've ever seen in my life.. I will support XTINA NO matter what happens!! In general, I love all kinds of music(From Opera to Heavy Metal) and I do appreciate and respect all artsists (And I mean that! But I am only speaking about>>TRUE artists)! I am also taking Vocal-Piano lessons and what trying to achieve everyday is to become a better singer/musician. My favourite actors ARE JOHNNY DEPP & DANIEL RADCLIFFE. (I love the Harry Potter Movies) I also love SUPERNATURAL, MY MAD FAT DIARY and THE VOICE!! So...I hope I can find some people who have the same interests with me!! I truly hope that!!

P.S. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun! ''Still Dirty''!
Oh + If you'd like to you can check my song HERE >> https://soundcloud.com/christinasx/dj-toti-feat-christina-sx
Christina S. <3
  • Who likes my JLo pair of shoes?? It’s one of my fav ones!! <3 

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